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Electric skateboard

CITY BOARD CYCLOPS is the latest electric vehicle in the CITY BOARD range which is appreciated żeby our customers. At the moment it is the most advanced electric skateboard available in the market.

- The most advanced electric skateboard in the market
- Push off once and it glides forward itself
- Range of up to 12 km
- Maximum speed of up to 20 km/h
- Breakthrough structure

Completely differently!

CITY BOARD CYCLOPS is an electric skateboard which looks like a classic stylish skateboard. The only difference between CYCLOPS and its “analogue” predecessor is the engine hidden in a wheel. Just push off once and it glides forward itself. The speed can be controlled using a small hand-held remote control. The range of the board is up to 12 km and it has the maximum speed of 20 km/h (the parameters differ depending on the user’s weight and the type of surface).

In a modern version

CYCLOPS has a classic fish type skateboard shape, which is a synonym of a proven and ergonomic structure and makes it possible for users of all ages to master the riding technique in a short time. The deck features a small hand opening to carry the board comfortably.

The deck has been made with multilayer hardwood plywood to which it owes its unique flexibility while maintaining extreme durability (capacity of up to 110 kg). The top surface of the skateboard is covered with an anti-slip layer in classic black. This design made it possible to reduce the weight of the board to only 3.8 kg – it is one of the lightest skateboards in the market.


CITY BOARD CYCLOPS is a breakthrough structure which makes it possible for a small device, which looks virtually like a classic skateboard, to house an efficient battery (LG 2.2 Ah) and a powerful 350W drive. A unique INSIDE ROLL engine technology, with the engine placed directly inside one of the rear wheels, distinctly enhances the performance. Such a solution significantly reduces the number of components, eliminating the drive transmission mechanism. In practice it translates into higher reliability and significantly more efficient use of generated power. All this reduces energy losses and minimises the weight (3.8 kg), while increasing the use time to 180 minutes with one charging of the battery.

Another novelty is an innovative structure of the rear drive wheel which has a double core, the inside hydroaluminium core protecting the engine. All wheels are made of durable rubber material which ensures maximum traction and eliminates vibrations.

The kanon size wheels (2.5”) have bolt mountings for easy replacement (a tool set is included).

The battery is hidden under the deck which ensures maintaining optimum centre of gravity during riding. The skateboard is controlled with a small remote control which can be used to change riding direction (forward and backward) and adjust speed modes.

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